Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Antique Styles Can Bring Elegance to a Room

Antiques can really bring a rooms design up to a level of elegance. Nothing does that better than French furniture and the best thing about French furniture is you can still find it being manufactured today.  This means that you do not actually need antiques to get the elegant style. You can buy them new which means they will last longer, are more durable, won't squeak, and could fall under a warranty if ever broken.  The most popular of the French furniture are French chairs and tables. A French dining set it very stylish and brings the sense of class to any room. Even a great French chair by itself can bring that style to any room.

It is true, finding an antique chair will give it a little more authenticity but the chairs now-a-days are held to very similar standards that the antiques were held to when built. The style and details is very similar if not exactly the same. The details and carvings on the arms, and back rest are very beautiful and hold a sense of class. You can even find some French chairs that are still made by hand today although machine made chairs can be equally as amazing.

The great thing about French furniture is the amount of options you can have including the type of wood, color, style, detailing, and material. You have so many options in the wood ranging from a distressed wood to a hard oak. Both look great but give a slightly differ style. The distressed style will look more like an antique while an oak will look like an updated version.  Colors can range from white to a dark mahogany to even black. Color has a big effect on the vibe it gives a room but you can easily find furniture that will fit in your room. The last thing to think about is the style and material of the cushions. On the chairs you can go with arms, without arms, a details arm and back rest or just plain. The cushion can be leather, cloth or whatever you want and the colors range from whatever you want. There a lot to consider but no matter what style preference you have you can find something to fit your wants and needs.

The Many Styles of Elegant French Furniture

Elegant French Furniture
There are a lot of styles of French and mirrored furnishings on the market. Each of them present you with several options for decorating your house to reflect your private taste and elegance. The newest, customary and cherished pieces will not only demonstrate your exceptional taste but are neat as well as comfortable. Each time period in history offers excellent design and styles according to the time they come from.

You can choose from a super assortment of styles and categories of furniture. Each type has individual, breakaway features which are really diverse when comparing the piece of furniture to a related time period. Some of the most attractive varieties and styles are depicted below. Louis XIV is one of the celebrated French kings who ruled for 72 years. During his time he was able to invent a specific craze of furniture which was used in the Palace of Versailles.

The furnishings of the French restoration time period in history was much smaller than other periods. The French rural and country style furnishings began to develop around 1650. These are still being reproduced due to their extraordinary style and appeal. This particular style usually mimicked the style of furniture available in huge cities like Lyon and Paris. in those days. Materials such as iron were used instead of bronze.

The French people from the countryside did not use exotic wood because they didn't have the means to import it. Instead they made use of timber that they found locally such as fruit tree woods, walnut, beech and oak. There are still many people who love the country style of French furnishings and they will use it to decorate their kitchens mainly.

The country style of French furniture is well known for its classic attraction and rustic fascination. You can also have a French style kitchen in your house. Mainly, a huge farm table is used in the centre of the kitchen as the dining table. Loads of people even purchase second-hand furniture and add appropriate French country colours to complete the look and feel of an old country French kitchen.

There are some colours which are very special to the country style French furniture. White is mainly used and by whitewashing second-hand pieces you can easily bring out the French appearance to any piece of furniture. Use upholstery with scenes of the countryside to complement the overall effect. Colours used in the upholstery should be blue, lavender, green and yellow.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Antique Kitchen Tables An Eyesore or a Treasure

Are you one of those people who look at antique furniture and say to your self - that's just old junk. Crap. And standing right beside you is your friend who is just about to faint over the new piece she just found.

Well sooner or later you may have to love that antique look.
We all love our granny, grandma - whatever we call the loving old woman who raised our parent but more importantly, the endearing person who showers us with unconditional love. And because she constantly babies you every now and then, should she leave you a family heirloom - no, not any jewelries but a table. What are you going to do with it? Remember that the table, no matter how simple it looks, did come from your sweet old grandma so you have to accept it with a more-than grateful heart.

Okay, so it's not that bad after all, the kitchen she left you with is antique and has outlived more than three generations before you, maybe even more. So now you get it, the table is a treasure and there's no rule of any kind that's stopping you to spice it up! Yes, you can re-furnish your grandma's table and give a more modern touch and feel to it.
Antique kitchen tables can be polished with beeswax once or twice a year. Others maintain the flawless look by putting a crystal cover on top to minimize any scratches.
Take good care of this unique heirloom if you can - after all, it is special to the person special to you.

Antique tables may not always be your first choice, but they can play an important role in helping to pass down your family history. So be happy, take especially good care of the table, and tell your children that they too will one day be so lucky.

Friday, November 3, 2017

What Are the Advantages of Using Teak Wood in Furniture?

When it comes to purchasing furniture, you will be faced with a huge variety of choices in styles, prices, and materials. While your tastes will dictate the style and your budget will dictate the price range, what criteria should you use to pick the materials for your furniture?
Teak wood furniture is a very popular type of furniture today. Teak wood has quite a few advantages that makes it a very interesting wood to work with for a variety of reasons. Learn why you might want to purchase furniture made of teak wood.
First of all there is quite a bit of durability of this wood compared to other types of woods out there. This wood can bend and flex in ways that others can not without actually breaking or cracking.

Teak wood stands up to moisture very well. When it gets wet, it won't ruin the wood at all. In fact, after it's wet, you don't even have to wipe it down and the teak wood will still stay healthy.
It also stands up well to humidity. This is why many use this type of furniture in the bathroom as this tends to be a humid place when using the shower. Additionally, it works well with outdoor furnishing as well with humidity or moist conditions.
Compared to other types of wood, teak wood can hold quite a bit of weight. Most basic stools for example can hold much more weight than you would imagine.
This wood is very easy to keep clean. It requires very little care compared to other wood products.
You can get the best of both worlds out of this type of wood. You can get it aged so that it looks old and rustic. You can also go for a fresh and clean look that looks brand new. Either of these are an option.
With today's furnishing when looking online, you will find out that you have hundreds of options with teak wood. Look for bathroom and outdoor furniture especially with this type of wood over others since it will last longer and be a better value.
The next time you are looking for new furniture, consider the advantages of pieces made from sturdy and durable teak wood. You will be happy with your choice for years to come.